Episode 01 - Put THAT in your brain meat!

Welcome to Episode 01 of Dead.FM! Don Early brings you “Dead by Don”, the DG news and update segment. Today, fresh news from ZOECon… and… news even fresher than that!

Included in the news:

  • JourneyQuest Season 3
  • The new Dead Gentlemen store (with a clever new name)
  • Q&A from the audience at ZOECon, including a question about Demon Hunters 3.
  • House Rulez

Plus, get some sensitive advice from Bob Ross.

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3 comments on “Episode 01 – Put THAT in your brain meat!

  1. Quinlan Schultz Nov 26, 2014

    Hope you guys can put together a recording of Gamers Live!
    Also, when are we getting the first episode of the KBC radio play? The livestream was only working for some of that.

    • Unfortunately, the audio from the live performance was unusable. Andy is gathering the cast to re-record this weekend, with hopes of getting it in next week’s show. Fingers crossed!

      • Quinlan Schultz Nov 26, 2014

        LOL, I had a brief moment of panic where I thought you were talking about Gamers Live. Thanks for the update though!

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