Episode 00 - I Miss Twinkies

We took Don Early and Chris Duppenthaler–two guys known for playing silent characters–and gave them a podcast. This week, Don and Chris sit down over a glass of homebrew hard cider and introduce us to Dead.FM, Dead Gentlemen’s new podcast that will inform and entertain on a regular basis. Coming soon to Dead.FM:

  • Updates on current and future DG projects
  • Sketch Comedy, delivered directly to your earholes
  • Awesome music by awesome people
  • The radio play adventures of Kentucky Blue Clay

Plus, you know, other stuff! Subscribe now so you won’t miss a single episode of Dead.FM!

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7 comments on “Episode 00 – I Miss Twinkies

  1. “Can I ask questions here in the comments?” he asked, knowing damned well what the answer was.

  2. Leslie Sedlak Nov 24, 2014

    Speaking of Steve Wohlbrecht, I have folks on my Youtube page requesting the soundtrack to Dorkness Rising (Is it available?, Where can it be found?, etc.). Are there any plans (or the time/resources) to make this happen in the future?

    • Don Early Nov 26, 2014

      Not available yet. One of the many projects on the plates. It is in the works though. Stay tuned here for more info!

  3. Crud. Can’t seem to subscribe. Keep getting various error messages. :/

    • Seems to be working on our end. I’ve tested with iTunes on Windows and Pocket Casts on Android. What podcast client/platform are you trying to subscribe with? And what errors are you getting?

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