Dead Gentlemen Presents…Dead Air

Dead Air
Dead Air
Dead Gentlemen Presents…Dead Air

Check out what we dug out of the archives! Dead Gentlemen Presents…Dead Air was our first attempt at an audio-only podcast, from way back in 2006. Consider it a prototype for the Dead.FM format. It’s got some sketch comedy, some great original music, and an interview with Don Early, about Revamping Doyle, Dead Gentlemen’s too-long-in-production short feature. Ultimately, Dead Air died with Dead Gentlemen Presents, but Dead.FM has risen, phoenix-style, from its ashes! Like a really slow, easily distracted phoenix.

In this episode:

  • The Jaws of Life
  • One Fine Monday Morning by Evil Tedd
  • The Piedmont Spelling Bee
  • Morning Light by Phil the Producer
  • and an Interview with Don Early about Revamping Doyle


3 responses to “Dead Gentlemen Presents…Dead Air”

  1. […] Gentlemen Presents, and for one of those episodes, we did an audio version. We called it Dead Gentlemen Presents: Dead Air. None of us know why we didn’t get our shit together and do more of those. It was a lot of […]

  2. Loved it!

    Hurry up with the next one Don 😛

    1. Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt Avatar
      Matthew “Kyu Kage” Hunt

      Hang On Ariadwyn,

      How far behind are you now?

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