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November 21, 2014

Welcome everyone to the new Dead Gentlemen podcast, Dead.FM! Can you believe that URL wasn’t taken?! Years ago we had a sketch video podcast called Dead Gentlemen Presents, and for one of those episodes, we did an audio version. We called it Dead Gentlemen Presents: Dead Air. None of us know why we didn’t get our shit together and do more of those. It was a lot of fun, and dammit, it’s time to bring out the dead and start again! Being that Dead Air is taken by a few podcasts out there, we’re going with Dead.FM.

So, what are we going to do on this show? Dead.FM will serve as one vehicle to get news and updates out to you on a WEEKLY basis, starting Wednesday, November 26th, 2014. Wednesdays will be Dead.FM Wednesdays. These will be about anything we think is newsworthy, so updates about:

  • DG Projects, current or upcoming
  • ZOE Projects, current or upcoming
  • Major events and convention appearances
  • Plugs for stuff we want you to know about
  • Where to buy our nerdy crap!

Additionally we’re putting together some audio productions to feature on the show. So some weeks you might also get:

  • Radio plays
  • Audio sketches & fake ads
  • Interviews with people we want to talk to
  • Music we like by people we know and want to plug
  • Sound clips from upcoming projects, either our own or other folks we’re excited about

Contributors to the show are: Don Early, Andy Dopieralski, Brian Lewis, Chris Duppenthaler, and whoever else we can rope in!


Don Early


Andy Dopieralski


Brian Lewis


Chris Duppenthaler


And of course we want to A your Q’s, so send us your questions about anything at all (relationship advice, religious ponderings, how to prepare for a role, what games are we playing, etc) and we’ll do our best to answer them on the show. Send your questions to:


We also need your help!!! Do you have material you’d like us to feature on the show? Are you in a band you think we’d like? Can you hook us up with someone you think we should know about? Our liquor cabinet is low, and the beer fridge is empty, can you bring over bourbon, scotch, irish whisky or some good beer?

In seriousness though, we want to know about great stuff going on out there that we might not otherwise get to know about. Same email address above applies.


Also, we need subscribers in a big way. So subscribe to this show! Tell everyone you know. And check out the show, tell us what you think.


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