Episode 11 – Announcing PILOT SEASON!

Episode 11 – Announcing PILOT SEASON!

Afterwealth (0:32); DG News & Q’s (1:37); The Gamers: The Series pilot episode read-through clip (3:59); Christian Doyle talks about Demon Hunters: Red Tape (8:07)

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5 responses to “Episode 11 – Announcing PILOT SEASON!”

  1. Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt Avatar
    Matthew “Kyu Kage” Hunt

    Awesome pod cast as always, although the volume was a little up and down on this one.

    Both the question about Ben and the Mound of Dead Bards mini relate back to Episode 7 ( about 15:50 mark for the MoDB KS).

    As for the playtesting Q, already done some and more planned for the ANZAC long weekend (25th – 27th April 2015), along with watching the Demon Hunters DVD before hand. As noted the questions were asked some time ago, so they became less relevant/current

    Already got money put aside for the Pilot Season KS. Looking forward to its launch.

    Love the Red Tape concept, and I’ve got extra money for a couple of end credit stinger ideas if you want to hear them… 😉

  2. I thought I’d see if Scott was knowledgeable enough to answer these questions.
    What is Scott C Brown’s favourite colour?
    Who is Scott C Brown’s favourite author?
    What is Scott C Brown’s favourite role-playing game?
    What is Scott C Brown’s favourite board game?

    1. You’ve already stumped him.

      1. That was always a risk…

  3. Super excited for all to come!!!! <3 Brilliance one after another!

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