Episode 12 - Kickstarter Blu's

DG News (0:32); Spray Ham (9:00); Kentucky Blue Clay and the Pangboche Hand (11:30); Don introduces Kung Fury song by Mitch Murder (17:52); Kung Fury, by Mitch Murder (19:18)


Check out Kung Fury here


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2 comments on “Episode 12 – Kickstarter Blu’s

  1. How did I miss the Kung Fury Kickstarter?

    Really disappointed by Pilot Season not working out (backer #15), but really excited about The Gamers: the Series and Demon Hunters: Red Tape. So excited that I spent this week watching Dorkness Rising and Hand of Fate back-to-back with different commentary tracks each time.

    And now I want to go and re-watch the Demon Hunters training video. Hmm… that’s on YouTube – I could go watch that now rather than watching the DVD when I get home…

  2. Quinlan Schultz May 15, 2015

    Would this thing that ties together all three Gamers movies and sets up the series be the thing you guys wanted to include in Hands of Fate but couldn’t?

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