Episode 03 - Pushfuzz & Monster Bubbles

DG News (0:41); Gnome Shopping Network (2:10); Chris Duppenthaler & Don Early Interview Phil Price about bubbles & music (8:10); Brother, performed by Pushfuzz & Mark Carr on vocals (19:01); Air Flow, performed by Pushfuzz. (24:36)

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2 comments on “Episode 03 – Pushfuzz & Monster Bubbles

  1. I’d love to hear more sketches, perhaps excerpts of character diaries (like say Anti-Tank Sally), and other such things.

    I think a Gamers video game would be awesome.

    Something I’d be interested in is knowing how much any of the DG/ZOE people are into LARPing given how much of the in-game portrayals of events could be portrayed as LARPing – especially in respect to The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising and the continuing roleplaying game plot there.


    • I know a few of us have dabbled. Scott and I did a podcast with a group a while back that are heavily into it ( but I have to admit, I barely even have time to do quick tabletop these days. That’s just speaking for myself, of course.

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