Episode 05 - DG Christmastide

DG News (0:39); Storytime with Kentucky Blue Clay – A Visit From St. Nicolas, written by Jimmy McMichael, performed by Brian Lewis (2:32); Do You Want to be a Bro Man? lyrics by Andy Dopieralski, performed by Chris Duppenthaler (6:13); Purple Ninja tells ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, performed by Nathan Rice Purple Ninja (8:00); Baby There’s Dead Outside, lyrics by Jimmy McMichael, performed by Emilie Rommel Shimkus, Matt Shimkus & Ben Dobyns (11:58); A Boston Christmas Story, written by Andy Dopieralski, performed by Scott C. Brown (14:09); Deck the Halls with Dicks (17:33).


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2 comments on “Episode 05 – DG Christmastide

  1. No question at this time, really. But I do HAVE TO say that you all did a great job with this special! The stories by beloved characters were just too great for words. And the well known songs twisted by this group’s writers were, in my opinion as (if not, more than) catchy as the originals. Again, I shall say well done, as always!
    To answer the question earlier in the episode, we your beloved fans love to hear/see you all! But, I am sure we all understand the craziness of life. With this said, perhaps so we know you guys aren’t killing yourselves, a bi-weekly episode will suit all just fine.
    Thanks for reading, and for your fantastic works!

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