Tag: project metaverse

  • One Way Out

    One Way Out

    Maddox, Wyatt, Andi, and Rosie finally discover just what really happened to Freddy Fast Fingers. What they uncover leads to a new beginning as the Great Metaverse Crossover begins…

  • No Good

    No Good

    Wyatt, Rosie, and Maddox race to discover the truth behind the murder of Freddy Fast Fingers, and TOM finally locates Andi and Brony… With SPECIAL GUEST, Larry Dixon!

  • Sentinel Noir

    Sentinel Noir

    Maddox and Wyatt find themselves in a version of Chicago with a distinctly noir flavor. They are joined by Rosie as they race to solve a murder…before they are snuffed out themselves.

  • Showdown


    Harvester is closing in and time grows short for the pilots and their avatars. With TOM at their side, they rally for a final push in an attempt to takedown the evil that is Toyland once and for all.

  • Separation Anxiety

    Separation Anxiety

    The evil presence behind Toyland finally makes an appearance, much to everyone’s horror. Things are not what they seem as the pilots race to uncover the truth about these nightmares as TOM struggles to find a way to reach them.

  • Toyland


    The pilots find themselves in the bodies of children trapped in a world between worlds. TOM is having trouble reaching them…and something is lurking in the dark. **EARS WARNING** There are some instances of loud noises or shrieks in this episode.

  • Remember The Alamo

    Remember The Alamo

    The poker tournament approaches and the team is visited by the spirits of loved ones lost. TOM offers some new insights and things come to an end in a way no one could have ever expected…

  • Aces And Eights

    Aces And Eights

    The pilots are reunited with Brony but TOM has a new connection. They travel to San Antonio to confront George Custer, play some poker, and maybe steal some treasure…

  • A Yosemite Outlaw in Samuel Clemmon’s Court

    A Yosemite Outlaw in Samuel Clemmon’s Court

    The outlaws awake to the sound of horses and a call to raise their hands. Joined by John Wesley Hardin, who has a new pilot, they travel to see King Samuel Clemmons and hear about a dark new force in the west.

  • A Certain Point Of View

    A Certain Point Of View

    The pilots of Project: Metaverse find themselves thrown into a war they never expected with the help of TOM. Secrets are revealed and more questions raised as they venture into the Kingdom of Yosemite. **Some Static In Points Due To Tech Issues**