Podcast: Masters of the Metaverse Throwback

  • It’s Good To Be The King

    It’s Good To Be The King

    Having found their quarry, the team must find a way to convince him to return to his native reality. But getting Teddy Roosevelt to abdicate the throne of Yosemite won’t be easy.

  • Gunmen Of The Apocalypse

    Gunmen Of The Apocalypse

    Ninja Emily Dickinson. Steampunk Richard Gatling. Druidic Johnny Appleseed. And a herd of zombies… or is that called a “shuffle”?

  • Collateral Damage Is A Given

    Collateral Damage Is A Given

    Hunted by assassins while seeking shelter at the “American Sentinel” studios, the Alpha Squad find themselves under siege and responsible for the safety of countless innocent civilians.

  • Johnny B. Good-ish?

    Johnny B. Good-ish?

    Approached by an old foe seeking help, the Alpha Squad must decide how much risk to take in search of the truth.

  • A Real Losing Streak

    A Real Losing Streak

    A murderous conspiracy is afoot at American Sentinel, and it’s up the The Alpha Squad to solve it — before they’re next!

  • David Bowie’s Codpiece

    David Bowie’s Codpiece

    Yeah, it’s going to be an a-maze-ing episode: we guarantee it.

  • Earth 00668

    Earth 00668

    Trapped in the bodies of superheroes, the team finds themselves unwitting contestants on America’s hottest competition: “American Sentinel.” They are sent to protect a mall opening, but is there something else afoot…?

  • Finger Licking’ Dead

    Finger Licking’ Dead

    The gang must race against a rival squad to defeat a “fowl” threat to Sentinel City.

  • Hyperreality Bites

    Hyperreality Bites

    Five strangers are forced into service on a mysterious mission, traveling to parallel universes and occupying the bodies of key figures. Their first world: surperheroes!…of reality TV?

  • Permanent Down Vote

    Permanent Down Vote

    With two of their own accused of murder, the MetaPilots seek out the real killer/s. Or are their teammates guilty after all?