Podcast: Masters of the Metaverse Throwback

  • Back In The Saddle Again | LIVE From ZOE Con

    Back In The Saddle Again | LIVE From ZOE Con

    The battle for Colbie, OH rages on while the team back on Xerates’ Island find themselves confronted with an old friend turned foe. The Arena reveals its greatest secret yet and things will never be the same.

  • Jingle Hells

    Jingle Hells

    After discovering hidden truths about themselves and their new MetaCave surroundings, the team enters The Arena. Once inside they are thrust into a world where bad guys have terrible accents and the heroes punch everyone.

  • Fartherall Good Things Must Come To An End

    Fartherall Good Things Must Come To An End

    The group rushes to complete their mission in Fartherall only to have things unravel in unimaginable ways. Scrambling to salvage what has been lost, they uncover deeper secrets about The Founders and The Program.

  • Fartherall In The Family

    Fartherall In The Family

    The band of adventurers must combat Amalia’s nightmares in order to recover the godling. Destinies and familial ties are revealed, and the Hallowed Milk is obtained…somehow.

  • Fartherall The Good Things

    Fartherall The Good Things

    Having collected the godling’s binky, the band of adventurers sets off in search of a stag and a blankie. Along the way they discover hidden truths about a member of the party, and confront Amalia’s darkest fears.

  • Fartherall The President’s Men

    Fartherall The President’s Men

    Progress is finally made in the search for Amalia and her missing items. However, just as things are looking up the group runs into a new rival, and an old enemy.

  • Fartherall Is Just Another Brick In The Wall

    Fartherall Is Just Another Brick In The Wall

    The team is joined by Jenika and Thomas, and almost immediately waylaid by one of the new avatar’s personality quirks. Will they ever get through the genocide and diplomatic gaffes, so that they can begin searching for Amalia and her missing items.

  • …And Fartherall That Jazz

    …And Fartherall That Jazz

    While hiding onboard a yacht, the metapilots are sent into a strange new world unlike any they have seen before. Landing in new avatars the team sets off in search of a missing toddler demigod and her boppy.

  • Founders Day

    Founders Day

    Having defeated the alien invasion, the pilots return to the real world to finally get some answers. They soon find themselves under attack from a dire enemy with consequences none of them could have ever imagined.

  • MacGuffin Acquired

    MacGuffin Acquired

    Rosie and Aquamarine are reunited with Crash, and joined by new member Nathan Hill, in a new bid to take down the alien mothership. While onboard they discover just what The Founders are looking for in this world, as well as the dark secret of what came before.