Episode 07 - Dead.FM @ the Movies

DG News (0:26); Ben Dobyns‘ piano improv recital (17:19); Don Early and Ben Dobyns talk 2015 movies (22:35)


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4 comments on “Episode 07 – Dead.FM @ the Movies

  1. Quinlan Schultz Jan 7, 2015

    I kind of wish you’d commented on Mad Max: Fury Road. I don’t know the first thing about the franchise, but I happened to see the trailer in theaters and it looks absolutely insane in all the best ways.

    Also, now I’m really hyped for that Dorkness Rising Blu-Ray.

  2. Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt Jan 8, 2015

    So, when do we get the purely musical episode of Dead.FM?

  3. Leslie Jan 12, 2015

    I noticed that Dead.FM is labeled “Explicit”; when did that happen, and what exactly does one have to do to get a podcast on the blue list? O.o
    {Ben and his jazz piano, man…gotta’ be. 🙂 }

    • It’s always been marked as explicit in the RSS feed, but we’ve added the visual indicator. We figure if we drop anything heavier than a soft PG-13 it should be called out. Given the number of F bombs this crew slings…

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