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Clearing the air after the storm

January 20, 2015

Playing "The Captian is Dead!" Photo by Cisco Piazzo


This past weekend a bunch of the DG got together for what has started to be an annual reunion. We call it “Reunicon”, because face it, we game a lot when we get together. It’s a time for us to gather together under no specific agenda. Naturally in drunk of the night we get into some rather lively conversations.

I had intended on recording a few Dead.FM bits there, but the opportunity just didn’t present itself. We even had several people on board to do it, but having fun, enjoying our time together, it just wasn’t meant to be. But we did talk about Dead.FM. What we liked about it, what our struggles were. What we wanted it to be. The result was the realization that we really can’t do this weekly. Or even every two weeks reliably. Because what we want it to be is a bit like our Christmas special. Sketches, music, maybe a tirade or an interview, that kind of thing. But not just one of those things in a show with some slogged together news. Turns out we really don’t have meaningful news on a weekly basis. So we’re going with Monthly.

So, our next episode will be February 11th, 2015 and continuing every Second Wednesday of the month.

Again, make sure you subscribe, because you’ll just automatically get the new episodes.

The good news is, we did come away with a lot of great ideas. Tiffany Pike and I talked about several parody songs. I know Andy’s got several ideas up his proverbial sleeve, and we have a few on the docket we just haven’t had a chance to get to. Not to mention the next KBC radio play. BTW, the reason that hasn’t come up again is because Jimmy is slogging away at the Demon Hunters RPG writing. It’s impressive. I caught him in a very serious face concentration at Reunicon. Turns out he was STUDYING Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein for a section in the RPG. This man knows his shit.

This will also give us a chance to collect more of your questions for the Q&A section of the show. So, get ready for the Valentine’s day episode coming up next. You can submit your questions below.



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